Elementary Challenge Classes

Royerton Elementary 2nd Grade Challenge Class

In second grade, we read The Wednesday Surprise.  It is a story about a young girl who teaches her Grandmother to read.  We complete many activities about families during this unit.  One activity involves students learning the distance from each student’s home to their “Grandperson’s” home.  We then use the data to graph the distances of the class.  Using the Chromebooks and other computers, students created graphs to represent the results while learning all of the essential parts of a graph. Challenge Class at Royerton

All Grades:  

Independent Study Projects.  Each grade completed independent projects this year on a topic of interest.  Students used the computers for many stages of these projects including finding project ideas, conducting research, and creating presentations.  Students chose from a range of presentation options.  Some presentations were made using PowerPoint, Google Docs, Powtoons, Online Jeopardy Templates, and Google Slides.  The projects were great illustrations of the knowledge gained through this endeavor.

Challenge Class 2 at Royerton